Chinna Suruli Falls in theni

By | September 11, 2020

Chinna Suruli Falls, Theni Overview

Located in the lap of wild, green forests, Chinna Suruli Falls is a picturesque destination to visit from Theni. It cascades all the way down from Meghamalai to form a pool of cool, sparkling water at the foothills of the mountain. Located around 54 kilometres away from the main centre, near the Kombaithozhu village, Chinna Suruli Falls is a lovely and serene destination to visit in and around Theni. It can be included in your itinerary of local sightseeing if you are visiting Theni and its nearby attractions.

Open Timings

Chinna Suruli Falls is technically open 24 hours. But the public is only allowed between 7 am and 5 pm for safety reasons. It is not safe to go to during the dark because of its proximity to animal-prone zone. 

Chinna Suruli Falls is also known by the name Cloudland Falls, as it originates in the Meghamalai Hills. ‘Chinna’ in the local language means ‘small’ or ‘younger’, so in a sense, it is called the younger Suruli Falls. But many people tend to confuse it with Suruli Falls which is near Cumbum village. However, the two are separate attractions located 2 hours apart.

Things to do near Chinna Suruli Falls

Chinna Suruli Falls is located at the foothills of Meghamalai, amidst thick green forests. Lots of wild animals visit the cascading water of the falls during the evening to drink water, which is why it is not very safe to visit after sunset. However, while the light is there, Chinna Suruli is a very beautiful, serene and secluded destination to visit, a spot for cosy picnics and a dreamland for shutterbugs. It is a perfect place for a day’s excursion in nature’s lap. 

Best time to visit Chinna Suruli Falls 

The best time to visit Chinna Suruli Falls, like the rest of the places around here, is from October to December. By October, the monsoon rains are over, but they leave the waterfall filled to the brim, which makes it look even more mighty and beautiful.

How to reach the Waterfalls

The major airport or railway station near to the waterfalls is Madurai. However, people mostly visit Chinna Suruli from Theni. You can hire a car for the day’s sightseeing from your hotel or guest house at Theni and visit the falls. It will take you around an hour and a half to reach Chinna Suruli Falls from the heart of Theni.  

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