October 24, 2020

Meghamalai in theni

Meghamalai, Theni Overview

Tucked within the Western Ghats of Tamil Nadu, Meghamalai in Theni district is the kind of hidden paradise that you read about in books, complete with exhilarating trek routes, breathtaking scenes and an excellent opportunity to take a break from your everyday life in the lap of nature.

The Highwavys Mountain, locally called the Meghamalai, is an undulating terrain of peaks belonging to the Varushanad Range of Western Ghats, in Theni district of Tamil Nadu. Located at an elevation of 1,500 metres above the sea level, Meghamalai is covered in the trademark green of Sahyadri, thus earning the name ‘Pacha Kumachi’ in Tamil, meaning ‘Green Peaks’.

Up until recently, the Meghamalai Hills were restricted to private estates of tea and coffee plantations. But now, the vast area of peaceful wilderness is opening up for the tourists gradually, one beautiful location at a time. However, it remains one of the untouched and untarnished destinations near Theni. The landscape here is painted with lush forests and rich tea estates, waiting to be explored. Sudden waterfalls on the way break the green monochrome, and there is always the latent thrill of coming across one of the many endemic species of the Meghamalai Hills.

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